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Consumer Staples offers more stability than other sectors!

Although the economic evenvironment has effected consumer packaged goods and retail we are seeing continued growth in the Loyalty, Insights, National Accounts, and Brand Innovation areas.  The fact remains that even though it has been challenging to sustain growth the public still has to eat, bathe, wash their clothes, etc.   Consumer staples may not be that exciting but it offers stable career paths for those who keep their skills current, are flexible with locations, and have experience with growing Retailers or Product Categories.

Over 10 years of ARI!
It is hard to believe how time flies, but our Exectutive Recruitment Service has been in existence for over ten years already.  Lifting up candidates and sourcing the best talent for Consumer Packaged Goods Companies, Retailers, and Aligned Services since 1999!

New Website!
For those of you familiar with iAxcel.com welcome to the new website for ARI inCPG.com!  The complete modernization of our website was an eagerly awaited event. InCPG is aligned with our specialty in recruitment for the Consumer Packaged Goods arena.