About Us

Increase your sales by hiring the best!


Specializing the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry.


ARI engages in executive search projects that span a variety
of industry sectors as well as functional disciplines. Our thorough
understanding of client current operations, strategic direction and corporate
culture allows us to conduct effective market research and surface the most
qualified candidates for key positions.


Contingency Recruiting


There are no fees charged unless a candidate we provide is
hired by your organization.   So why limit yourself? The backbone of every
great company is great people!


Simply call us or email your job opening(s) 


Diversity Recruiting


ARI can assist your organization in the recruitment & retention of a diverse workforce. Building a diverse team to succeed in a our multicultural world is a
priority for all progressive organizations. 

Client Comments

"Thank you so much for all of your work. I enjoyed working with you as well -- your
non-salesy approach and you really took the time to give us what we needed -- you LISTENED!!!." Hiring Manager for
a recent Director of Category Management Placement

"Just wanted to say thanks for the fast, efficient and
professional way you approached the search, found a great candidate, and made
timely suggestions that kept us moving forward and positively" Hiring
Manager for Trade Promotions Placement.

ARI is listed in the Directory of Executive Recruiters. www.kennedyinfo.com



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